Although you can find shells on just about any beach, did you know the Gulf coast of Florida boasts some of the best shelling in the United States? Shelling is a favorite pastime of tourist and locals, it combines the beauty of nature and treasure hunting all in one!

There are more than 100 barrier islands that run along the Southwest Florida coastline. Of those very few are undeveloped and accessible by boat only. Along these shores there are approximately 400 species of multi-colored seashells. You can find Florida fighting conchs, calico scallops, olives, tulips, turkey wings to the rarest of all, the brown speckled junonia. Let the Day Dreamer take you to the breathtaking islands that line our coast for a tropical shelling excursion.


Did you know?

“Wrack” the line of debris left by the tide. This can be a thin line of scattered seaweed, sticks and shells to a foot or more mix of seaweed, shells, sponges, fans, seapork, jellyfish and other marine life.

“Beachcomber” is the practice of meandering along the seashore and picking up whatever catches ones’ eye.


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